Good Grief

An indie band out of London, England, Bastille came into popularity here in the States with the release of their debut album Bad Blood which featured a number of singles, “Pompeii” being the one most people are familiar with. The album came out in 2013, though it became much more popular the following year. That song was everywhere for quite a while, you could hardly go somewhere without hearing it.

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“Pompeii” is a great song and is noteworthy in and of itself, but Bastille really got my attention when I heard “Good Grief” a couple years later. This track has a fun and infectious beat and includes a few key audio samples from the 80’s movie Weird Science. I am a bit ashamed to report that I didn’t actually pay attention to the lyrics until just recently. That said, they tell a very different story than the upbeat-major key-danceable instrumentation would lead you to believe. It’s about the grief felt from the death of a loved one, and the moments of happiness found in the midst. The pre-chorus lyrics are “what’s gonna be left of the world if you’re not in it?” Read through the lyrics some time, it’s an interesting juxtaposition between lightheartedness and the rather depressing business of going on living when someone you love is dead.

A band who can write a song that way definitely has my attention, so I went ahead and listened to the rest of their work on Spotify for this post. All of their lyrics are smart and fascinating, including the ever-popular “Pompeii”

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They also look like a group of guys who have fun together. I mean, just look at them! They seem like the kind of people I would like to just hang out with sometime.

Overall, I was impressed with all their stuff. They have a good sound and are great lyricists. They keep things fresh, and while his voice is very identifiable, they haven’t let themselves get pigeonholed in just one style or genre. They mix up their instrumentation and use a number of different effects at various times, as well as write their lyrics to be poignant and subtle. For Bastille, anything goes for their songwriting and I really like that.

So, do I recommend Bastille? Absolutely I do. They are a great addition to my music library and my ever expanding musical tastes. Here are my top tracks in no particular order:


“Good Grief”



“Daniel In The Den”

“World Gone Mad” (Explicit language in this one, kids)

“Of The Night”

If you like these songs, for sure check out their albums.

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I want to close with a great quote from the band’s founder and lead singer, Dan Smith, who said “the whole labeling of music culture is so tired and kind of irrelevant now. Everyone’s music tastes are so broad, and everyone likes a bit of everything now.”

So true, and I won’t try to add anything to that.

Happy listening and I hope you find something new and fun to listen to!


Squealing Pigs

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Admiral Fallow is quite obviously Scottish, so here’s a picture of Scotland. Some bands you can’t hear any native accent at all, but not this one. The moment the lead singer opens his mouth it is completely obvious, and I like it. In fact, I like their style quite a bit.

I don’t remember when I first heard them, which is weird, but I do remember liking them enough to recommend them to other people.

I have listened to all 3 of their albums, and I think I prefer their second album, Tree Bursts In Snow, the best. For their songs that just don’t seem to speak to me, there is a kind of legato feel, which can be very cool, but can get a little boring after a while. It’s their songs that have a little more drive in them that makes them stand out

Here is a list of my favorite tracks for your perusal: “The Paper Trench”, “Squealing Pigs”,  “Guest of the Government”, “Brother”, “The Way You Were Raised”, and “Subbuteo”

Here’s a link to their music video for “Paper Trench” for you since it’s my favorite song of theirs.

Well, I honestly don’t have much else to say. They are a good band, and I enjoy listening to my favorite tracks from them. The end.