Squealing Pigs

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Admiral Fallow is quite obviously Scottish, so here’s a picture of Scotland. Some bands you can’t hear any native accent at all, but not this one. The moment the lead singer opens his mouth it is completely obvious, and I like it. In fact, I like their style quite a bit.

I don’t remember when I first heard them, which is weird, but I do remember liking them enough to recommend them to other people.

I have listened to all 3 of their albums, and I think I prefer their second album, Tree Bursts In Snow, the best. For their songs that just don’t seem to speak to me, there is a kind of legato feel, which can be very cool, but can get a little boring after a while. It’s their songs that have a little more drive in them that makes them stand out

Here is a list of my favorite tracks for your perusal: “The Paper Trench”, “Squealing Pigs”,  “Guest of the Government”, “Brother”, “The Way You Were Raised”, and “Subbuteo”

Here’s a link to their music video for “Paper Trench” for you since it’s my favorite song of theirs.

Well, I honestly don’t have much else to say. They are a good band, and I enjoy listening to my favorite tracks from them. The end.

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