What’s Up?

Okay, firstly, how 90’s is this picture? For real.

Image result for 4 non blondes


Just look at it. Gazing off apathetically into the middle distance. Cloudy painted backdrop. Dreadlocks. The one dude who actually kind of looked at the camera but isn’t in the foreground. Baggy clothes of thrift store style. Pretty sure the guy on the left is stoned… 90’s

Secondly, for a band with only one album and only one hit, 4 Non Blondes rock. Now, I know, I know: a lot of you probably hate her voice. It is very unique, and pretty rough, but I think she really owns it. I love when singers really own the unique sound of their voice (check out the Mountain Goats). And honestly, the way she does it is way fun to sing along with in a non entirely angst-y way (Yet still a little angst-y since you kind of have to gargle your voice a bit). I dare you to blare “What’s Up?” in your car and NOT sing along. Go on, try it.

Have any of you heard any of their other songs besides “What’s Up”?  Some of them are pretty dang rad. As you may know, I am a bass player (primarily, anyway) so if there is a good bass line in a song I probably pick it out. Gotta say, I love their bass lines, they can be kinda funky. Especially on the track “Superfly”, you should check it out.

So, my review? 4 Non Blondes know what’s going on. Good band, I’m glad I was able to add their songs to my list.

My only remaining question? What on earth was the 90’s love of weird hats? I mean seriously, just look at this:

This is all the same person… and these are all really big hats…


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